What is the correct install order for Absolute Collection+

What is the correct order that I need to install stuff in, etc. for the absolute collection+ to make sure I get all of the halion sonic2 content? I currently have Cubase 8.05 installed.

My best guess from reading things is:

  1. install absolute collection
  2. do grace period license update with the dongle + maintenance?
  3. install iso’s for halion sonic 2???

Is that right? This is something there should be a sticky on I think.

Ok, the process I have above seems to work and provide me with all the presets is halion sonic 2. Unfortunately it takes forever to download the iso’s from Steinberg. Hopefully if/when they do a Halion 6/Halion Sonic 3 they can clean up the upgrade process and make things easier.

Next up is the upgrade to Halion 5…

Intalled halion 5 and the 5.1 update, everything seems to be working