What is the correct 'MIDI Display Resolution' setting ??

certain parameters in the quantize dialog show a value in ticks ( Non Quantize, etc )
With my current system serrings, these ticks do not correspond with the ticks of a MIDI Note startpoint, in the Info Line.
You can change this in the general settings dialog, where you can set the ‘MIDI Display Resolution In Ticks’.
But what is the exact setting, to match the tick value in the Info Line,
with the tick value of the Quantize Settings dialog ??

Thanks, Jan

Ah … thought that this would be a tough one :sunglasses:

To explain further :
With my current ‘MIDI Display Resolution’ setting, the ticks do not match :
If I set ‘Non Quantize’ to 5 ticks, MIDI Notes starting at X.0.0.010 will not be quantized.
If I lower the ‘MIDI Display Resolution’, the same note shows a start of X.0.0.006.

So, there must be a ‘MIDI Display Resolution’ value, that makes both ‘ticks’ match.

Steinberg ?

I’m pretty certain that (unless this has been changed) Cubase bases its MIDI resolution on 120 ticks per 16th (i.e. PPQBase 480). I am judging this, based on the way positions and lengths are handled in the Logical Editor.

Thanks Vic,
that would make sense. I tried 140 and 130 and it seemed pretty close, but not exact.

Would be nice, if Steinberg could confirm …

I was looking at that and it appears that in Cubase 5 the quantize dialog fields follow the midi resolution pref, so the values in these different places should all correlate.

But it depends on if the midi resolution is set to a number divisible by the non quantize value. It seemed to round when I set midi resolution it to a number like 145, but at 240 it worked as expected.

That’s not what you see, Jan, or am I missing something?

Hi Steve,
I only did some testing with the new V6 quantize dialog.
I’m pretty sure the MIDI Display Resolution was set to 240 ( 960ppq ).
But the NonQuantize value did not correlate with the start point resolution.
Like 5 ticks in NonQuantize setting, keep notes that are 9 ticks off unaffected …

bye, Jan