What is the difference OMF 2.0 vs OMG 1.0


I need to bring all my tracks to another studio. Unfortunately they still use Cubase sx3. When I used to bring some track archive or OMF from my Cubase 6.5, after importing in sx3, the volume and pan setting become infinite. Some time stereo track becomes mono. Then we hadto manually create new tracks according to each track if it is mono or stereo.

Now in Cubase 9.5 I get option to choose OMF 2 or 1. what is the difference? Will OMF 1 suits SX3?


OMF 1.0 is really really old. OMF 2 was introduced in the mid 90’s, just to give you an idea. Always use OMF 2 with DAWs.

Oh thanks for confirming that. I’ll use 2.0 and see if it works.


OMF is a abbreviation of Open Media Framework, while OMG is a abbreviation of Oh MY God :wink:

Sorry, couldn’t resist!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Enjoyed it…