What is the easiest way to update all your Steinberg products?

I have lost of steinberg products. Am I missing saomething here? For example in Access (NI) you can see immediately what products to update. In Steinberg Library manager and in Downloader, I can’t see anything like this.
Do we have to guess?


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No, you don’t. You just need to be very aware …

I know what you mean, though. Something like Toontrack’s Product Manager puts the Steinberg Download Assistant to shame.

I feel your pain, too!

As much as i agree that Steinberg lack that easy updateability. There’s also the old adage that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. :slight_smile:

As good as the update managers are, there’s times i hit auto-update without any care just because i see an icon telling me there’s updates available.

…and then hit a problem a week later, after i’ve forgotten that i even applied an update as it was so trivial to do. Waves is a good example, i tend to stay clear now - but it think that’s due to their ‘shell’ system.

Also i only own a few Steinberg products, and updates normally show in the Cubase Hub news feed so i’m aware.

I have no idea which of my Steinberg products need updating and no idea how to find this information. Come on Steinberg. Not really good enough is it, tweak the downloader!

I regularly check:

for updates, but yes - a more sophisticated Downloader is on my wishlist as well.

that’s also the way I try to stay up-to-date - but it’s not a very satisfying mechanism