What is the Editor Inspector?

I must say that I am getting quite comfortable with the new GUI, it is growing on me. Today I found a new tab in the Inspector its called the “Editor Inspector” . You find it at the bottom of the inspector.

There is a little bit of info here.


Some of the time it’s completely blank, if something is in the lower zone it produces various menus.

Not really sure why we have it?




The Editor Inspector is present when any editor is open in the lower zone. This Editor Inspector is the same Inspector, you can see in the Key Editor, Drum Editor and other editors. To be able to use all functions of these inspectors, when the editor is open in the lower zone, the inspector is present here as the editor inspector.

But you can also switch to the track Inspector (of the selected track).

Talking to myself, I think I get it. It’s a side kick to the lower zone.

The lower zone is a cut down editor zone, so, in order to compensate the Editor Inspector provides some extra menus for whatever the lower zone is showing.

So, for example, if you are using score in the lower zone, it shows menus related to clefs etc, if you are showing an audio track you get the audio warp features etc.

This is an important improvement to the lower zone IMO


Our posts crossed Martin, thanks for the contribution



Both Insoectors are the same, in the window, or in the Zone. Right-click to the zone, here you can decide, what tab should be displayed.