What is the expected HALion 6 release date?

I can’t wait!

Me neither! February 9th it is!

Thank you Sir!

Will there be a trial available on Feb 9th as well?

No, there won’t. The trial will be released in early March.

Less than 48 hours from now.

Matthias, do you have a time of day as well for us?

Reason being: I can leave the office earliest @ 15:00 CET (I have very, very flexible working hours at my daytime job), but if the sale opens later (at, say 17:00 CET) I will stay longer and do shorter hours tomorrow instead.

(And yes, I may sound manical here, but this is the software release I’m looking forward to most since the release of the first Firefox - and I’m not joking here. Not even HL3 could top the scripting, the macro page editor and, since I came to understand today what the wavetable synthesis in Halion 6 is REALLY about, the wavetable engine. My girlfriend is already well briefed about the features of Halion 6 as well, since she sees me work in Halion 5 most of the time in my home studio anyway. :laughing: )

Great to hear the release is so soon.

So, it will not be a 2 week wait for the trial, but 3 or 4 weeks

Surely it will install on Win7, however unsupported? Not that it affects me.

Btw, I think Steinberg should release it today - I need to get stuck in whilst I’m on holiday! To hell with all the marketing - that can come later, just make it downloadable now! :wink:

I say make THE TRIAL IMMEDIATELY downloadable, I for one, would like to see how many glitches and bugs have been fixed from HALion 5.x . I’m excited about HAL6, but also feel so skeptical given H5 and the lack of forth coming updates - (please visit the HAL.5.x forum to read of all the support and bug fixes so many users have been asking/requesting/pining for … )

If SB have been working , developing on this product for such a long period of time, it’s also most probable that they also already have the trial, and the delay to release the trial is more about commercial/marketting pre opportunity - well in my opinion :nerd:

Why would they make the trial immediately available - it could put off the initial upgraders! The trial is surely for catching the people who are undecided, later on. If it was a priority it would have been out on release day that’s for sure. The trial is what is known as an afterthought!

We haven’t even had the bugs yet!

Nice! Steinberg make my weekend so great.

Still waiting for the akai’s MPC 2.0 release.
Thy are so slowly.