what is the fastest way to move a particular staff in a score the same amount of distance on every page of the score?

I know this has been covered but can’t quite figure it out. I know I go to Engrave Mode and enable “Staff Spacing”, and then choose the box to the left of the staff for which I want to adjust the distance. What I can’t figure out is how to select that same staff for the entire score (not just the first page in question), and then drag that staff the same distance down on EVERY page. I know I can go through and manually select boxes for that staff on each page and then adjust at once, but I presume there’s a faster way in terms of “selecting the same staff on every page”? Thanks in advance!

  • D.D.

You can’t do this at once for all pages.
But you can do it once and copy the staff spacing to all pages with the same number of systems and staves:

Aha! Sounds just as effective (thanks!)

  • D.D.

I would hope that rather than needing to do this on every page, you could make some changes on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options that would achieve the same result by default.