What is the Key Command for editing FX?

I hate, loathe and despise not being able to double click on an FX in the aux buss like I can in the insert bays!! I hate it sooo much that I can never remember that SB REQUIRES THAT STUPID DROP DOWN MENU JUST TO FIND THAT CONTROL (“Edit Effect”)!

So I need a KC to get that function back. But I couldn’t find it in the KC list. can anybody tell me where it is so that I can write a ONE BUTTON KC to restore that function?

I not found a KC, but,
ALT+double click opens the effect for editing. At least you don’t have open the menu.

Thanks! That beats a blank. I wrote it down and taped to the X-keys module until I memorize that process. When all that was required was a double click for more than a decade, it’s a hard habit to break.

Thanks again for the tip. That will actually help. Much appreciated