What is the Library file (File>Open Library... )

I’ve only seen this question posted once on another site but there was never an answer provided and now I’m going through a process of discovery to start leveraging other areas of Cubase 8 that I’ve never really explored before.

So what exactly is a Library in Cubase? File → New Library…

Trying to figure it out I attempted to create a New Library and was present with an Media Pool dialog window. Kinda perplexed on this because I already have the ability to use the Media Bay, scan my drives, organize, and name my folders having all my loops and wave files to have them available in the Media Browser of my Project. So what really in the purpose of a Library and why would one use it? :blush:

Ok, so many views but no responses. Have I ventured into an area of Cubase that “No One” has ever used or have knowledge of???

Or is my question that silly that it’s simply being ignored?! :imp: Its not like should be rocket science for any Avid and Advanced users here. :unamused:

P. 519 on the english manual. It is a library of audio files for importing to the Pool.

I had no idea this was your question from the topic title…

Thank You!!!
And your point is well taken, I suppose I could have provided a better Subject title but I was trying to avoid posting the question as the title.

But the response is much appreciated! :wink:

No, posting the question in the title (if you can make it fit) is very useful. It really helps folks who might know the answer find your post.

Also, while the index in the manual is spotty at best (it doesn’t have an entry for Library for example) searching the manual for “library” would have gotten you the info - although it will turn up a bunch of stuff you don’t need too. In general the manual is good but the index is inadequate, so searching is good habit to get into. :wink:

I think the topic title is excellent. It’s the first useful result I got when searching for this very thing. ‘Library’ is such a vague word… like so many things in Cubase, VERY hard to search for.

Also, the text takes up a whopping 6 lines in the PDF.

So I still am interested in the topic:

  1. Does anyone use it?
  2. And if so, what for?



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Personally I don’t have a need to use Libraries. But I imagine it would be very useful for media sound design. For example someone doing Foley work might have a library of footsteps and others for gun shots, wind, traffic etc. People doing sound for movies, games, commercials etc. would be the prime users. Although I’d expect folks doing that are more Nuendo users than Cubase.

So I did a bit of research and…

  1. Basically a Library is a -Pool- that is independent of a CPR. It uses -exactly- the same code as the Pool. And in fact, that makes it -very- confusing. You can easily think you have the Pool window open when you have the Library open and think WHERE DID ALL MY FILES GO!

  2. What I don’t -get- is why it even exists. It seems like one should be able to do everything it offers in MediaBay. OTOH, I’m no authority because the last time I used MediaBay I think there was another president (cannot stand the UI). But ideally, IMO all content should be in (an easier to use) MediaBay where you can tag it, search it, etc.

  3. So perhaps it’s a good thing because I can actually -understand- the UI.

Anyhoo, you put files that you’d want to have available for use in lots of CPRs all in one place. Not much more to it than that. Probably just vestigial… for backward compatibility.

If there -are- some cooler aspects to it, I’d LOVE to hear from experienced users. There are often one or two guys who come up with a new twist on an old feature.

the library is huge waste of space …
and has been for 30 years …

its badly planned
difficult to use
and useless …

while the media bay had promise … you can’t tell it what folder to search …
you can tell it what system … like your local hard drives … thats an excellent choice according to the programmers much better than just adding your own folder choices and selecting those especially when you have 12 tb of samples to search through you can just look at what ever number of results you want to see of your 8726945876928736459876928763495876982769348576234 samples lets hope what you want shows up in those results …fingers crossed …

its a shame that those that code it don’t use it if they did they would understand why it sucks …

thank god you can hide yet another cubase screw up …

Look, there’s no need to sugar coat it. How do you -really- feel? :smiley: