What is the maximum number of flows a project can have?

I was just wondering if there is a maximum number of flows a project can have. I’m sure it’s way past what I have in mind, but just want to make sure before I start laying this project out in this way. Thanks!

It’s my understanding that there is no technical limit to the number of flows. That said, there are a few users who have exceeded 100 flows within the same file (hymnal work if I’m not mistaken) and they have experienced some odd behaviors. It is on the development team’s radar to address those issues.

I did a book of exercises (sort of), and the way I decided to do it was that each exercise/example was its own flow. I had somewhere to the tune of 140 exercises, therefore 140 flows. Dorico handled it amazingly, except for one issue that might have been fixed. When I got above flow 100, it didn’t matter where I was in setup mode looking at the flows, if I was looking at flow 125 and added a new flow, the flow window would jump back to flow 99 and 100. It created the new flow in the correct spot. Just the flow window behaved a little erratically. But like I said, this came up and I believe Daniel said that this had been addressed.

I tend to forget things that happened, and remember things that never took place… so please take this with a grain of salt.


Thanks, everyone! That should be enough information to start the project as I intended. Happy writing!

I have just encountered this problem editing a 16th passion. I currenlty have 114 flows in which I am currently inserting flows of Gregorian Chant. Is there a solution or work around?

Further, I can’t change the title of flows beyond 99. Very frustrating.

It transpires that you can still Right-click and make adjustments accordingly. I’m not sure you’ll be able to move flows when using the duplicate flow function…

Have you tried performing these actions from within the Project Info dialog, Carlo?