What is the minimum system version supported by Cubase12? (PC and MAC)

Just saw that the minimum Windows 10 21h2 version is supported on the PC. I’ve been using my Windows 10 1909 to create music all the time. It is very stable and efficient. I don’t really want to upgrade my system because of the new Cubase12, it’s too much trouble. Will the old windows10 not open Cubase12?
Also, what is the minimum supported version on MAC, I am a Macbook Pro with M1 chip. From the moment of purchase, I have not upgraded the computer system.

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This is ridiculous. You don’t accept the normal updates to windows? Those are also security updates you know. So here you are broadcasting that your particular machine is more vulnerable to hacking.

This is just silly. First it was a bogyman fear that C12 wasn’t going to work on Windows 10, now it’s what if I don’t update, and I have a Mac and a PC and I don’t ever update anything.

Just accept the updates, those are there for a reason! No one is going to make their software work properly with a historic version of an operating system that has a known defect. Software companies are not in the business of working around defects in operating systems that have an update from the OS provider.

Stop this silliness already.