What is the most compelling feature of C7 that you use?

For me it is not a feature as such (besides chord recognition) but the way Cubase does not horizontally max the screen in a random way when zooming in the project page.

I experienced this on previous versions all the time and thought it might be my graphics card but alas it occurred on various systems and it was as always, totally annoying.

Now Cubase is nearing pure bliss for me to use at least in this regard.

Cheers Steiny your app is a work of the finest art form!

VST Expression. To me it’s what sets Cubase apart from any other DAW. It’s really a unique feature that unfortunately most people don’t understand, let alone use. But once you discover what it can do for you and take the time to learn it, then you can’t live without it.

But it is only something that VSTi users would appreciate. Those mainly using audio like us can safely live in ignorance.

I am a “MIDI” guy, so I would use this (if I knew how) but as it stands Kontakt does not support it, which is my main library at this time.

For me it is the new mixwindows.

I had been banging my head against the wall under the old ‘hardware mixer lookalike’ paradigm for how I would provide a self-mixing facility to be used in the studio. Control surfaces were just too limited in configuration for the faders to directly manipulate cue sends (or that I could find out). And getting just the channels I wanted remotely was proving difficult, notwithstanding that the tiny channel studio cue sends were just too fiddly for touchscreens, and the cue sends being horizontal end-to-end was just not visually comparative enough.

Mixwindows, with visibility and grouping on a per channel basis, are just a breeze to design a workable configuration with.

I now have a dedicated mixwindow, with:
a) Several group channels, including a ‘Me’ for the currently recording, fed by channel sends, feeding a master group sent to a studio cue channel. The main faders of these groups become an touch-friendly performer-adjustable mixer.
b) Transport controls and markers (though they could be more touch sized and be able to be docked to the bottom).
c) Control room.

It has worked out well and has been the enabler for self-recording away from the main Cubase windows.

However, I have made a few suggestions to make mixwindows even more flexible in:

To me they seem like styles in MS Word. You can safely live without getting into how to set them up, but once you get your head around them, NOT using them is just a huge waste of time and so limiting.

This might not be the “most compelling” feature for me but I do have to admit that being able to use the mouse wheel to zoom horizontally or vertically is nice. Even more so when you can “micro” zoom by pressing the (shift) key while using the mouse wheel. :slight_smile:

There’s alot to like about C7.

  • search function for plug-ins etc. In my mind it solves the folder organization issue when you can just type a few letters and have all your reverbs or choruses neatly listed. No need to scroll for that Lexicon either. Perfect.
  • zones. I love having my group buses visible at all times. Or zone a couple of tracks you are juggling.
  • the new edit channel windows. Gotta love that instant signal flow. Back and forward buttons. Scope in the EQ window. Actually everything about it.
  • Linking & Quick link are fantastic. Being able to customize what is linked and then override with just an opt key.

That’s just off the top of my head. The channel font size is driving me nuts, but at least I can see what the track is by hovering until it’s fixed. Also the labels on the sends. Shouldn’t have to open them to see where they are going.

I’ve been using C7 for a couple of months now on Snow Leopard. Working fine since 7.0.5. UAD playing nice (I’m using MR816, not Apollo). I’ve noticed that plugs occasionally don’t work after loading unless I turn them off and on again, but not a UAD problem since it happened with a particular Waves one too.

All in all, I’d find it difficult to go back to 6.5 and miss all these great new features.

VST Expression works fine with Kontakt. Note Expression does not.

…and being able to create a Group by selecting channels and right clicking to create is a brilliant time-saver.

I think you’re mistaking VST Expression for Note Expression. Not the same thing. I use VST Expression with Kontakt libraries all the time.

I haven’t really used this yet but did notice it.

The only thing I could ever really want besides cleaning up the general appearance, is to be able to re-order channels independently in the MixConsole, as opposed to the Project window. This would/should allow one to have a default view, i.e. “channel order follows project page” or “order channels freely”.

The mixer - despite all the issues.


Also a dedicated one click, bounce in place would be a god send…


Would you happen to know a KB article about this?

Expression maps

Note expression

Channel Strip: Use the all the time for buss and parallel processing. Works genius for my mixes!

Group control: The new features for grouping tracks are SO good. Love that i change all parameters on all tracks at the same time.

Not if you use MIDI note events to control VST signal processor parameters

These are Cubase 6 tutorials, but it works essentially the same way in C7.