What is the most up-to-date and comprehensive tutorial video for the percussion maps?

I would like to see some examples being programmed from scratch with full details on each step.

You might send this request to DiscoverDorico at Steinberg dot de to see if John B will host (another?) session on it.

There are a few percussion/playback-related Discover Dorico sessions, that you’ve probably already seen but I’ll share a couple just in case anyway:

Playback Explained, Including Expression and Percussion Maps

Marching Percussion Template for Tapspace Virtual Drumline

I just got through this. Couple tips, one is whether you are working with Percussion Kits or orchestral percussion. Most of the videos I found were around kits, and I picked that up quickly. However I was actually working with orchestral percussion with the BBCSO template. The trick there is simply to remember that all the percussion instruments are seperated into different lines of course, but they often map to a single VST (e.g. “Toys” for triangle/anvil/etc). The Percussion Map (available under Play menu) ties the two together.

Then when entering lines, it operates a bit differently than a Percussion Kit, or a single VST (e.g. Toys) on a single line. In the latter cases you can enter MIDI notes which map to the different instruments. This is a PITA with the single VST example, and easier when it’s a kit. With a Percussion Map AFAIK you can’t use MIDI directly, but what I finally figured out from a brief mention from Paul in a video is to use the ‘Y’ key - use the default pitch. So this will use the default pitch for the percussion instrument/map in question.

That should get you going, fooling around in the Percussion Kit and Map dialogs should make it clear otherwise.