What is the new proceedure

I hear no dongle needed and dongle needed.What is going on?

Do i update my dongle and just keep going for now until a time that Cubase says not needed anymore?
It does seem at the moment there is a lot of unhappy people out there .
Is this really the time to upgrade from pro 11 to Pro 12.
Also Is applications like Ozone running ok in 12. This program uses quite a bit of CPU
Is there more CPU power used in Cubase 12 putting pressure on older computers or is the CPU getting better?
I am a little hesitant to upgrade at this point as i do not want a big headache.
Would be nice if Cubase in together with Yamaha could make a decent stylemaker for the Genos.
All you get is Cubase is that it is mainly for and Vst .
People use Band in a Box, but still not a decent easy style maker for the Arranger owners as selling Styles it probably more profit for Yamaha.
For me the midi side is just important as the VST side. Genos editing songs and then turn to wave or combine with VST.
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Your dongle will be upgraded to (say) Cubase 11 (Not upgradeable). That’s the last of the dongle you’ll probably need.

Your dongle will be used for Cubase 11 (and everything below). But starting from Cubase 12 you use the Steinberg Activation Manager. There you can activate Cubase 12 on your computer (after logging in). Once that is done, you’re good to go. Remove the dongle and start Cubase 12.

It’s a bit counterintuitive at start, because the first thing the download assistent tells you to do, is upgrade your license on your dongle. But after that… it’s easy as that!

PS: don’t forget to update your synths and plugins that come with Cubase 12 as well. Otherwise, it’ll use the Cubase 11 versions and it will fail.

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I have Groove Agent 5 and a few expansion packs (Blues, Beats, Songwriters) for it and they all STILL require the Dongle. As long as one component requires a dongle, it can 't be eliminated. That was a surprise to me so I thought I’d mention it.

No surprise really. It’s Cubase only and not anything else you have registered on your dongle. Mine will have to stay as well as I already knew as it has Wavelab and Virtual guitar 2 on it. I will need it until vg2 is no longer useable with the jbridge.

I believe all those products will be updated to use the new licensing system over the next few months. It’ll take some time to fully move over, but it’s a start. Once Cubase is out of the way, the biggest Steinberg product no doubt, the others should be easier and quicker.

I am a bit cofused here
As for my first reply from Maxxive I upgrade and take Pro 11 dongle out and all is good after being told to that the download assistant tells you to upgrade your license.
Does that mean ignore it?
Now some things need the dongle according to others.
Does this mean that certain Steinburg plugins will not work until the new license system is fully operative.? or to have both Cubase 11 and 12 up and running according to what you use?

It means if you are in Cubase 12 and the plugin you have has not yet been upgraded to the new licensing system and the licence is on the dongle then yes you need it plugged in.

Cubase 11 no difference as you will always need the dongle to run that.

So, at this stage is it worth waiting until all is under one roof to save any of all these teething problems i keep hearing about ?

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Depends. My pc is in one location with the dongle permanently plugged in the back so it makes no difference to me. I’m not upgrading though this time until the rush and teething problems pass. I may even wait for mid term sale.

Hi Mkok
Same here dongle on one machine plugged in all the time one location.
I am the same about this and will wait also for a mid term sale.
Wise move i think.
I am also wondering if the cpu load has got better or worse.

All the best
John :slightly_smiling_face:

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