What is the "playlist" Nuendo-only feature I see on the comparison list?

Is it the Track Versions feature from Cubase? 'Cause that’s not really a playlist kind of thing, as far as the specific fantastic playlist feature is in Pro Tools, unless there’s a way that Nuendo handles it that’s different from Cubase. Please enlighten me!

As listed here by a mod, here’s the Nuendo-only feature:

• Multitrack audio-to-picture editing, including playlists and video-follows-audio editing functions.

You’re referring to a post that’s 2 years old, so a couple things have changed. But I suppose he’s talking about Track Versions.

I don’t use Pro Tools, but I’m curious about what the difference is between that Pro Tools feature and Track Versions? Could you describe?

In PT you have playlists while in Nuendo you have track versions, lanes and parts and events on top of each others that can each be used to play different audio.
I guess they are here for historical reasons and not to break compatibility (which is a good thing!) but I see how the slightliy different concepts can mix up new users.

If there is one thing that really annoys me it is that you cannot expand audio that you have put on top of each others to lanes while this is possible with audio that you have recorded on top of each other. It would be one of those tiny things that would be a huge step for alternative take manament of location audio.

Hi Steve. Playlist in Pro Tools let’s you have different versions of edits and track versions for your entire session at once, or for different selected track groups at once. It includes automation as well. It’s a small separate window where you can easily switch between any variety of different session Playlists in one click. I’m pretty certain that Nuendo will never have it the same way, but it’s one of the truly, truly great features of Pro Tools that I greatly miss in Cubendo.

I was hoping that that’s what Playlists meant, but I see that it doesn’t. :slight_smile:

I understand now. Thanks for the explanation.

There is an “equivalent” in Cubendo:

  • use the command Assign Common Version ID with all tracks in the session selected. (like when you first start the session)
  • Then later, when you invoke Select tracks with Same Version ID with one of those tracks selected, all those tracks will be selected, even if you have created new versions in between time.
  • Using the commands Next Track Version or Previous Track Version will result in the tracks “syncing” up to that version ID. OR, you can use the Track Versions lists in the track inspector to go directly to the required version on all selected tracks. (If one of those tracks doesn’t actually have a corresponding track version you will be prompted with a dialog box containing options for the new version.)

While this was a bit difficult to get my head around at first, after I understood how it worked, I found it incredibly flexible.

Unfortunately, you can’t really leverage the paradigm from Pro Tools to learn the Steinberg system, since they’re quite different.


The “missing part” in Nuendo is that Track versions don’t have their own automation.
In Nuendo, automation is applied to any of the track versions, while in PT, each Track Version/Playlist has it’s own automation.


Ah cool, thanks for explaining this. The advantage the Pro Tools system has is that, as Fredo says, it can include separate automation for the different playlists, and also supports showing/hiding different tracks, different arrangements of tracks, etc. As you said: The Pro Tools system is a different paradigm and in my eyes is easier, much more flexible, and more intuitive. But what you described is a good idea since we don’t have it in Cubendo, and can be useful indeed. Thanks!

You’re welcome! The Pro Tools playlist does sound pretty comprehensive- especially that it includes track visibility.

Yeah, I wonder if that will ever be added? :mrgreen: