What is the point of lower zone audio editor?

I usually do audio editing in project window. Typically I do volume changes or mute things. Big or small. But it is a lot of zooming, so I was trying to do the same in the lower zone editor. But the same things can not be done there. (Or I was not). It seems to be for time warping etc. But for me that this “the big picture” and that make sense to have in project view. For example it would be useful to select a region and do some volume changes within the region and all the crossfade stuff. But it is not. So what is the point of the lower zone editor?


In the Sample Editor, you can do VariAudio editing, for example. AudioWarps, Hitpoints editing, etc.

Sure. But that is even worse work-flow. I just want do quick audio edits not a sampler thing. I think it is doing quite good for the sampler thing. Doing cut&past for a quick edit is not a quick edit.
What I need is a different zoom view for editing. But my question is about the audio editor. You can edit a single sample and “draw” your wave and do some high-level transformation. I don’t connect timewarp with sample drawings. I don’t understand what it is supposed to do.


We call this Sample Editor. And this is what I was talking about.

Yes, you can do lot’s of tasks in the Project window too. But some are available in the editor only (for example VariAudio, Hitpints…). If you don’t need it and you are happy with the workflow in the Project window, just continue to use your workflow in the Project window. It’s totally fine.

In my lower-zone there is:
Editor, Sample-control, Midi-remote, Chord Pads, MixConsole.
And I dont understand the point of the editor. It can draw wave forms and it can do timewarp. Is there a point of having waveform drawing and timewarp in the same context?

I do most of the things in the project window, but rarely utilize the lower zone for anything else that mix console. But it would be great if you could use it for zooming in to the edits.

I use zoom key comands for this.
E.g. Alt+S zooms in on the selected event.
An important function, that has no key command by default, is Undo Zoom.
I can zoom in on the event and then return back to my previous zoom setting with a couple of key strokes.

it´s really useful for me to see tracks in Project window and a track´s zoom in lower zone for editing…

The zooms in vertically. I want to zoom in time and still be not losing the overview. Undo zoom now mapped, tnx!

I created a request for it:

I can do all that right now, I have many shorcuts for zooming, what is it that you can´t do?

I can not zoom and keep the view.

you can unlink the lower zone from the project window, shift+e to zoom to event and you have zoom zap to store the zoom setting you are working with.
or is it another thing that you need?

Diego, we started by informing cubace that there is a difference between the Sample Editor and the Project View. Now you insist to use the Sample Editor for things that can only be done in the Project View, like fades.

But thanks for reaffirming that zoom settings are the way to go.

Then try the next key command “Zoom to selection horizontally”.