What is the proper way to copy/paste parts between Projects?

I never seem to be able to do this correctly… my current method of copy / pasting parts between 2 separate projects is…

Move the tracks into a folder
copy the folder
make a new folder in the destination project
paste tracks

this is the only way i seem to be able to paste tracks into other projects (including inserts)

if i do it any other way the events just get pasted onto existing lanes without inserts etc…

what i’m hoping is… that there is a better way of doing this, and I have just been missing it! :slight_smile:

That actually seems pretty efficient IMO. I didn’t know you could copy tracks like that. Thx! I’m stealing that tip.

To answer your question…I dunno.

Your topic header talks about copy/pasting Parts, but the main body of your post seems to be about copy/pasting entire tracks :confused:
If you want the latter, then why not “Export Selected Tracks”, then “Import Track Archive”? :wink: