What is the purpose of the "VST Instruments" folder track!?

Hello Gentlemen. First post here. I am coming from a Logic backround, and only recently switched to cubase (more on that later if necessary). I have spent a considerable amount of time and thought on setting up templates, track presets, project colors, custom keyboard shortcuts and various personalized settings…

Would somebody be kind enough to explain what is the purpose of the “VST Instruments” -folder that is created when you set up a “Rack instrument” such as Kontakt 5 or Superior Drummer!? There seems to be no editable properties in the inspector. It is annoying as it can’t be hidden via the visibility, and it can’t be re-named to anything useful. I am confused!

Thanks in advance for any tips and/or advice!

Hi and welcome,

1st of all, you don’t need to use Rack Instruments anymore. You can use Instrument Tracks only. There are all possibilities and features as in the Rack Instrument, in the Track Instrument too.

Originally, you could use Rack Instruments only. Then there was an Instrument Track added to Cubase, but it wan’t multi-timbral, so you could use one MIDI Channel only. In these days, you can route other MIDI Tracks to the Instrument track and use it as an multi-timbral too. So there is no need for the Rack Instrument anymore.

And to answer your question, the VST instruments folder is here from this historical reason. This is/was the folder, where all of your Instrument Audio Return lives, when you are using Rack Instrument.

If you are using Instrument Track, these Instrument Audio Returns are handled as an Automation sub-track of the main Instrument Track.