What is the red line in the controller lanes?

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I get an red line that seems to track underneath my modulation automation in the midi editor, any idea what it is? Or how I get rid of it?
I can’t figure it out! :smiley:

Attached photo…

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Pitch bend probably. What does it say over on the left?

It’s within the modulation lane. No others…

Then its modulation…
Usually CC11?

Select one of the automation data points and it should tell you on the Info Line what it is

You’ve probably got some modulation automation on the main page too outside of the piano roll.

Oh wait, could that red line be a combined automation and continuous controller curve? Cubase can use automation lanes and CC lanes. Then there is a way to define how they “combine”. Maybe something to do with that.

Yeah, you’ve doubled up on modulation at some point, ie. it’s being recorded as a CC in the MIDI clip, but also as automation in the project.

OK, thank you. I still don’t understand it as I have no way of editing it, but it does disappear when I turn of the “read automation” button, so it must be that. Thanks for all the comments!

The track is linked (or grouped) with other track/tracks, and the red line shows the value of how the other track is automated

Ah! Thank you!