What is the safest way to uninstall cubase to reinstall?

My version of Cubase is corrupted or something. Cubase doesn’t respond upon startup.

I just want to know what the safest way to uninstall cubase is.


Try using the control panel applet and remove, then reboot. After the system has restarted remove any leftover folders in program files, including VST plugins, as well as Appdata, Common Files etc., and once done install 7.0.5 then the 7.0.6 update.

Start with core installer 7.02, then the 7.06 update.

Don’t delete VSTPlugins. That would just be silly…

Everything you need:


I suppose I should have said that I’m on a MAC. I don’t believe I have a control panel applet.

Can I just reinstall the update on top of the one I have installed? Is that asking for trouble?

Thanks for everyones help.


there is detailed description of how to remove completely an application on Mac here:

Don’t delete the plug-ins’ shared folders where you also have third-party software, of course.


This is right, in particular for VST2 plugins that often have dependencies however VST3 plugins, i.e. those included with the program are more readily replaced.