What is the setup/difference of Steinberg Project Templates

I just bought a Steinberg UR44 audio interface and I’m getting to know how to work with Cubase AI Elements 8. Quite a challenge by the way :confused:
In the Steinberg Hub I can choose several project templates to start with. General ones but also specially made for the UR44.
But what am I choosing for? What is configured when I choose one of the templates?
For instance what is the difference between template 1 and 1-C7 ?
I looked for a description of the templates in the operation manual and on this forum, but I can’t find it.

I can take a look of them myself after I pick one, but as I’m not used to reading the different windows I don’t know where to look :slight_smile: Maybe someone else knows.

Thanks, Patrick
Cubase project templates 1.JPG
Cubase project templates 2.JPG


“-C7” are newer templates. These templates work with the new MixConsole, and the Hardware part of MixConsole is taking in account, when you are using the project with any Steinberg Audio Device.

Use “-C7” templates, please.

Dear Martin,

Thanks for your reply. I read it in November, but I never reacted. Sorry.
I should have thought about the C7 myself, but it means Cubase 7 …
Well, you see how difficult interfaces can look for newbies :slight_smile:

Regards, Patrick