What is the standard latency that I should get of CI2+?


I have CI2+ I doubt that my current input/output latency is as low as it should be.
I update my drivers, they’re on latest version.

I/O latency 22.540 /29.252 respectively at 768 buffer size is this normal?

My laptop specs:
Dell XPS l702x
64 bit Win 7
i7 2670QM core

When I select Generic Asio Driver in Cubase it’s actually lower, (20/20 ms) which doesn’t make sense.

A little help please?

Thanks in advance.

With the version 1.6.2 drivers and later, you can set your latency alot lower than most drivers with better results, depending on your computer’s specs.

I usually record at 512 samples (I think about 22ms latency) and have output safely at 128 samples (7-8ms) when I’m doing listening or monitoring. The same driver updates were released for the UR’s and I heard some with superior systems getting down to 64 samples (no latency) without any errors in their recordings.

Yeah, that’s normal.

the best setting for the ci2+ seems to be 256 which makes it very stable with low latency