what is the "stereo in" channel on the mix console all about?

i didn’t put it there. i can’t delete it or solo it. nothing plays thru it. it shows a faint amount of noise on the meter. ideas? thank you, ron

Go to Studio > Audio Connections (or hit F4) and look on the Input tab… it’s an input bus configured with some channels on your (apparently noisy :laughing:) audio interface.

I’m getting the same thing. Even though the ‘Stereo In’ channel in Audio Connections/Inputs is not connected to anything and is never used, every time an audio track is added to a project ‘Stereo In’ is selected by default for the input routing, God knows why.

I think this is a recent development - I seem to remember that when a new track was added in the past the input defaulted to the last one used. Maybe this behaviour can be set somewhere, but I can’t find where.

Maybe it’s a new ‘landmark’, super-feature that we are all supposed to love. :wink:

Even if it’s not connected to anything it is still selected by default if the bus is present. If you don’t want that to happen then you can just remove the bus in Audio Connections.