What is the typical "grace period" for new updates?

I’m considering updating my Cubase to Pro 8.5, but am hesitant to do so because Pro 9 is likely to be released in December (and don’t want to pay for both an upgrade from Artist 8.5 to Pro 8.5 and then from Pro 8.5 to Pro 9.

Should I wait a little bit or try to inquire with sales about the summer upgrade I missed out on, and then pay the 8.5 -> 9 upgrade cost?

…or does none of this apply or make sense?

You’ll receive the free grace period upgrade if you activate your Cubase Pro 8.5 license after October 15, assuming Cubase Pro 9’s release isn’t pushed back.

Grace period and sales/promotions aside not updating to .5 doesn’t necessarily save you anything.

The 2 updates combined will probably cost the same as the C9 update.

I’m already on 8.5, but on Artist 8.5. I am looking at the upgrade to Pro 8.5 now or waiting until Pro 9. If I do Pro 8.5, I’m hoping for a way to not have to pay for the Pro 8.5 to 9 upgrade, hence the question about grace periods.

One big question is if this Artist 8.5 to Pro 8.5 upgrade would even qualify for a free Pro 9 upgrade during a grace period? I guess I hadn’t considered that.

The key feature I need is 5.1 mixing and the group/FX routing in the VST Connections window. I need these for routing Expert Sleepers’ Silent away plugins to their hardware, for controlling a modular analog synth from Cubase (MIDI to CV, sync’ed LFO’s, MIDI CC’s etc.).

Yes it would…activating any install or update or upgrade to C8.5 will fall under Grace period if done at the right time. It is not the purchase but the activation that matters so you could buy now activate later.

Wow, so I had assumed I missed out on THE summer upgrade sale, only to discover that there was another 40 % off upgrades sale going on that technically ended on the 15th, but the code was still valid today. So I have the upgrade, but can I really wait to use it until mid October? Not so sure about that… but then again, I’m not holding my breath that C9 Pro is going to be revolutionary enough to warrant an immediate upgrade.