What is the typical startup time for Cubase 12?

My typical startup time for Cubase 12 is over 20 minutes, is that normal?
First off I do have a fairly massive amount of Virtual Instruments so I am assuming that the Initialising of the Plugin Manager is likely the cause, can this be skipped?

In my case its a couple of seconds on startup.
Then depending on the Project and how big it is, it can take up to 40 seconds to load (hundreds of tracks and plugins).

Cubase should not load all Instruments at every startup, only the first time you open it, then it should open in a couple of seconds as well.

Are you on mac or pc
If you are on pc I suspect windows anti-virus
exceptions must be created so that the folders containing the banks are excluded from the analysis
Or a bad cubase installation

I think you may have a problem somewhere on your system and a reinstall / repair of Cubase may help. Also check your anti-virus as mentioned above. I have a six year old i5 Win10 PC and a lot of VST’s as well - ( a lot is vague, but Komplete 12 Ultimate and Arturia V, Korg Collection and a dozen or so other suites / sets.)

And Cubase 12 loads in about 20-30 seconds.

If you are running Windows, this post from August may be of interest, and a lot of the advice will be relevant on a Mac.

An over 20-minute startup time is extreme. My system is W11/Ryzen5/16GB/500GB.

Before I logon to C12, I turn off WiFi off and run Wise Memory Optimizer. It usually brings my RAM usage from 26% to 17%. Windows Defender is always on. C12 starts up in about 2 minutes. I admit I have a lot of synths and effects.

If I could find a quick batch program that could turn off Defender before launching C12, I think that’ll help, too.

Just add all paths you use to the defenders whitelist and you should be g2g.