What is this and why did I get it?

Not sure if this is Cubase bug #654 or a feature.

I didn’t do nothing. Just opened the export window and tried to export the mix like I did a million times before without any issues.

But there had to be an issue out of nowhere. There always is in Cubase, every project there’s gotta be something like this.

Does anyone know what the hell this is? I opened my previous project where I didn’t have this issue and dialogue window looks exactly the same, and it exported just fine. What’s different here, in this project?


Most probably you switched from the Single to the Multiple Channel Selection in the top left corner. Click to Single and select the Bus you want to export (most probably Stereo Out).

First of all: No there is not always in cobase that something comes “out of nowhere”.

In your situation: YOu have selected MULTIPLE tracks to export and not selected any. Most likely you had only exported “single” (where the main output chanel is selected by default).
Probably touched the “multiple” with your mouse and now cubase asks you to select WHICH channels to export. currently your selection is empty, so no meaningful export is possible.

I also would suggest to think twice and be not too sure NOT to have clicked somewhere before stating “there is a bug in cubase”.

It’s Cubase bug #1: user not knowing what he’s doing… :unamused:

Cheers, Svennilenni - great minds think alike :smiley:

Thank you very much for the solution. It really helped me.

fine :slight_smile:


There are only TWO bugs in Cubase and they BOTH posted here before me. The pious brothers. Y’all need a room. Such azzhats

I am generally not in the mood to fight in a forum. I want to ask you a simple question: Do you see the difference between directly insulting somebody with words like “azzhats”, etc. and trying to point people in direction of trying to prepare to be able to aks questions which allow to help?
If not, here’s the difference: The later is maybe sometimes irritating, but still serious advice. The first is just a personal insult.

PS.: As a side remark: Do you think it is a good style when someone posts in a hysterical mood that there is “ANOTHER BUG” in Cubase while in fact the person simply made a minor mistake and is obviously not at all thinking into that direction - plus completely lacking any idea of how a certain dialogue in cubase works? I dont. This is why I helped and at the same time uttered my critical thoughts.

Just look at Nuieve past posts and draw your own conclusion
Seems to shout fire in a crowded room when there is no fire a little to often

Then why are you high fiving your buddy there??? I rest my case.
“Cheers, Svennilenni - great minds think alike”

There is no personal insult here intended, just an observation. You two are ALWAYS condescending/snide/bullying and trying to police this place. NO ONE asked for either of you to do so. People come here to get HELP, not a kick in the ass for not understanding or not reading the glorious manual. People overlook simple things a lot of times as this guy did. Im sorry you fellas have to jab at everyone with your posts for their ignorance of this DAW. Don’t believe me, research the posts


Thank you for your comments, shannabit!
I think you’re spot on, and could not agree more…

shannabit, with all due respect: just search all my postings of the last couple of years (ignore the forum count for this purpose, I was up to a couple of thousand helpful postings…) and see how often my help lead to a solution for the OPs. This for sure will change your impression.

The advice to study the manual comes from the bottom of my heart - it would help a lot. Especially to enable people to ask their questions in a way that helps to come to solutions more rapidly. And, as Hippo said - the “alarm, fire in the room” style of OPs sometimes makes me angry - which is most likely a mistake. But I dont consider it fair to post “Bug 675” whithout the least thought that maybe one is simply missing something.

Peace :slight_smile:.

PS.: Sometimes I regret that we all cant meet in person easily. I am sure that would help to resolve situations like the one at hands. - Peace :slight_smile:

This is why I posted this here as a feature? vs bug?, I wasn’t sure. I NEVER touched those single vs multiple buttons in my life. Not by accident even. Just never. Period. I only change name/location of the track and wav or mp3. That’s it. Ever since I’ve been using C10. Not my fault that thing reset and I don’t know how to use it, I just never needed that part of the window and never used it. Don’t torch me for not knowing one of thousands of features of Cubase that I don’t need and will never use.

I had a problem with this project earlier when main stereo out went mute (for no reason, the stereo out became inactive) and I couldn’t rejuvenate it so I just said “screw it” and deleted it and created a new master bus named stereo 2 which you see in the picture (I thought I posted a thread about it, but can’t find it, probably didn’t after all). I wonder if that reset anything in the export window. I’m not a Cubase expert, I get by with the minimal amount of C10 functions I need to write and mix. Sometimes (almost every week) things happen and I guess when I adjust/change something some other things change too in random places that I’m not aware of, like in this case. I wish they didn’t. C5 was simpler in that regard, I had no accidents there. It just always worked. Nothing ever disappeared/reset for no reason at all. I appreciate advanced features of C10 but I’m afraid the complexity side is not controlled 100% here.

Sorry about my message tone. I post a lot, I appreciate responses/help. I was very accepting of C10 initially being a C5 user for a decade which never gave me any issues. But with C10 I stumble on these minor annoying issues that irritate the hell out of me because they happen so often and that I can’t resolve on my own. That’s why I post like that. I still love C10 because these little things don’t prevent me from production, just slow me down sometimes and temporarily raise my blood pressure, that’s all.