What is this empty gray region in the Key Editor?

What is this gray region in the Key Editor to the left of Measure 1 and how do I get rid of it when I’m scrolled all the way over? I want the fist measure to start at the edge of the piano keys.

Thanks in advance.

Turn off Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors if it’s on, and scroll the editor to the left.

Toggling that setting seems to make no difference, and it’s already scrolled to the left.

Any idea what the empty gray area called and what is it used for?

There’s nothing in the Top Zone less than Measure 1 and everything starts in measure 1 in this example.

Sorry, don’t know what’s up on your end. It works as I described here.

Post images that include everything that’s being discussed. Your images crop out pertinent info.

Of course, if the midi part is already fully zoomed out there’s no scrolling to be done, so try zooming in, so you can see how it works.

Here’s a total screenshot:


Zooming does not seem to help . . .

When I scroll all the way to the left I want the notes to abut the piano roll. But as a noob I wanted to make sure that empty area is not supposed to be there. When I right-click on it I don’t get anything. And if I use the pencil cursor and click in that region it puts notes in the first measure! But it’s not just an offset problem because if I use the pencil cursor to draw notes in the first measure they go in the right place, and not in the second measure. So this seems like a bug, not a feature but I wasn’t sure.

Experiment and try to discover how things work. If you don’t understand, formulate your questions in a way that doesn’t make you sound like Lucy from Peanuts. :smiley:


You’re the moderator so I don’t expect rude, snarky remarks from you. I’m asking a perfectly reasonable question here and I’ve complied with all your suggestions and requests. I have no idea who “Lucy from Peanuts” is so I have no idea what you’re talking about on that point, but what’s wrong with the way I’ve formulated my question?

Your animation seems to show you have the same phenomenon. Does this mean scrolling all the way to the left is supposed to produce that empty gray region or is it a bug? I suspect a bug because you can “draw” notes there which appear elsewhere in the Editor.


The gray region is as-designed. There is nothing wrong.

You seem to have your own idea about how things work, which causes you to misinterpret what others tell you.

I can be snarky once in a while. It’s not so bad to be likened to Lucy from Peanuts, and it’s possible that someone else will say that I got that wrong.

If you want to report a bug use this method: How to report a bug in Cubase

What does this mean? Anyway you’re the one that likes to flag posts as being argumentative but who’s being provocative here? I’m just trying to find out if this is a bug or a feature, and if it’s a bug then is there a workaround? So can we please get back to the technical issue?

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The answer is in the second post, and I’ll add this to it, the space is there to provide for the Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors feature. I’ll close this topic now.

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