What is this? (Grain Oscillator Section)

I opened up my Cubase template today and noticed this button in H4. Is this a feature that hasn’t yet been implemented or something? I haven’t been able to find anything about it in the operation manual.

Interesting, huh?

Ya that is interesting, I see it in my copy too now that you mention it. Was this always there, or only after the latest update? Are you on 4.5.3?

It doesn’t do anything though, it only shows up on a blank program. Once you load something into it, this icon disappears. Definitely seems like something that wasn’t fully implemented though.

Hopefully Steinberg can fill us in on any juicy details about this feature being in a future update!

I’ve never seen that one. As one of those idiots who only does 1 or 2 things with H4, I’m sure there are a dozen icons I haven’t seen though.

Yeah I don’t remember ever seeing this until I updated to 4.5.3, so maybe this is something that Steinberg is working on but accidentally forgot to hide in their code. And yeah, it disappears as soon as you make any changes to the blank program. Argh…

Some granular synthesis would be awesome though!