What is this green bar over a page in Pages

In Engrave mode in the attached screenshot, there is a green bar over page 5. I wondered what it signified. I can’t find anything about it in the manual.
Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 18.01.37

There’s a mention of what markings indicate on this page, and in full detail here:

So in this score that page is assigned to the First template. Is the green bar indicating that I have made a change to the First template?

Certainly sounds like it.

I have indeed made a change to it. But I’m puzzled as to why the bar is telling me that I’ve done this. Or perhaps a better procedure would have been to make a new First template to use for this page?

It’s telling you that you have made a change to what template is used on that page. You have manually “Changed the Template” that is used on that page, e.g. it’s now First, not Default.

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Aah - now it makes sense! Thanks Ben!

Jan, you should check the “Solution” box on Ben’s post (rather than your own).

Aah - I just thought that ticking Solution at the end of a thread was all that had to be done, I’d never realized there was a different etiquette. Apologies.


It’s not really about étiquette : the soltion-marked answer is quoted at the start of the thread, making it easy for a reader that experiences the same problem to jump directly to the solution :wink:

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Oh ok!