What is this line?

Anybody who can tell me what this alternative (green) line is ?


Are you editing more than one MIDI Part?

I believe this is the automation counterpart that has been written on the actual track, and it is green because that’s the color of your track.

Judging by the offset pattern between the MIDI data and the “green line”, you probably have set the Automation Merge Mode to Modulation :


  • In this mode, the automation track curve modulates the existing part automation, with higher curve points emphasizing the automation values and lower curve points reducing the automation values even further.

Hi louis.
Thanks for reply. It seemed to be in that direction yes.
Problem is now solved. It was simply because I accidentally have had extracted my CC controllers to automation. And then continued painting in my CC. Consequently there was to line controlling CC1. So I just had to delete my CC1 from automation lane.
Hope this post can help others that run into the same problem.

hmm but actually I still cant understand why I can see my CC automation under automation ref. screenshot. Is that normal behavior ?


Is your automation in Write mode when you are recording MIDI ?

Please look at the MIDI Controller Automation Setup Dialog and make sure the Record Destination is set to MIDI Part.