What is this????

I just did a fresh reformat and when I opened C5.5.3 x64 I got this message(see pic) I don’t remember ever seeing this before. Did something go wrong here? http://i40.tinypic.com/2079o39.jpg

I installed from the dvd and skipped installing 5.1.1, I went straight to 5.5.0 then 5.5.1 to 5.5.3, is that ok?

Feckin popups. :imp:

this should be better, can you see this one? http://i40.tinypic.com/2079o39.jpg

I edited the original link.

Did you install as Admin? Disable UAC? Add an exception to the firewall for those programs?

thanks for the reply. I do disable uac, it’s asking me to add an exception to the firewall and I haven’t done that yet, I assume it will work when I do that but I just don’t remember getting this message before so that’s why I was asking. I didn’t right click and do the run as administrator thing because I thought I was always running as an administrator since I turned off uac? I don’t use the cubase 5 bridge I usually remove it and use jbridge and it looks like the bridge is what’s triggering the firewall. I guess I’ll reinstall and this time I’ll right click on the installers and select run as administrator. I didn’t think that type of thing had to be done anymore…

also, one other question, I installed from the dvd and skipped installing 5.1.1, I went straight to 5.5.0 then 5.5.1 to 5.5.3, is that ok?

I wasn’t talking of Run As, I was talking of the account having admin privledges.

yes, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to turn off uac since you have to be an admin to do that.

I think the problem is that cubase 5 is older now and there’s been a lot of windows 7 updates since these installers were made. It’s not a big deal it was just unexpected, thanks for replying.

I got the same pop ups when I installed CB6 demo. I am also runnung as administrator so I couldn’t figure that part out either. Just hit the exception choice and be done with it.

As far as the order of your updating, you should be able to install 5.5.0 and go directly to 5.5.3. Going through the updates won’t hurt anything but there’s no need.

thanks for replying. since I use jbridge I deleted the ‘vstbridgeapp’ from the components folder (since that’s what seems to trigger it) and I haven’t seen the message since. if i see any other message I’ll just add it to exceptions and that will be the end of it. thanks for confirming about the update order.