What is up with the disappearing instruments

What is up with the disappearing instrument in my drum kit.
In the picture below “snare” should be below Tom-Tom 2. It’s techniques are there, but not the instrument name(cropped from a full screen image-this is what I see when I look at my screen bewildered, at the moment)

but when I take a close up screenshot. presto it’s there in the screenshot.

What exactly did you change between your first and second screenshot?
What is a “close up screenshot”, compared to the regular first screenshot?

didn’t change a thing. I’m on a mac. in the image where you can see snare drum I used image capture to make a png with command-shift-4. that creates a marquee and you place it where wanted and take the picture.
the image where the snare cannot be seen was the entire screen (trimmed for posting)

So, just to be clear (excuse me, but this sounds so unbelievable :wink: ):
When you take a screenshot of the whole screen, the instrument is missing, but when you take a screenshot of only this part of the screen, the instrument is there?

You sure might have Schroedinger’s Snare Drum here :joy:
Did Dorico lately do experiments in the field of Quantum Mechanics regarding Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle?

that’s what the picture shows.

Is there anything else you did between the two screenshots? Did you switch modes, for example, or switch away from the Key Editor then back again?

Could you share the project file where this happened?

Nope took the first picture,the one showing the snare, posted it. I thought with the first picture that it wasn’t there because I couldn’t see it when I took it. when I posted it here, I noticed it was showing. went back and took the entire screen shot and it wasn’t there.
and that really isn’t the whole issue. here is what I see

and here is the percussion map

take a look at #36

and here is a problem I and another have posted about.
can’t delete drum kit note. the edit areas at the bottom are blank

and simply writing over it creates a new note.

Entries that won’t delete when you click the “clear” button and blank edit areas that appear for no obvious reason are in fact a very annoying part of the process of creating percussion maps in Dorico today !!

I think, my friend, there may be a hint of sarcasm in your words. However my apologies if I assumed incorrectly and you do intend to say that this something Dorico engineers programmed; to make us want to go and do the dishes and keep our marriages intact and not slam the computer with one’s fist and be damned with Steinberg. I can’t read your words too well without tone.

No my friend. I have a bug in the matrix, a glitch in the machine, an error most likely caused by moi. ( or a corrupt file naming no names. Just so, and just in case, for any Dorico forensic-fok it was SD3 percussion map gotten somewhere, and if one reads the threads one might find another chap who had the same problem using the same map.)

Trashed that map, made me own, and still the issues arise.

Could it be

I’d love to think it’s an endpoint issue. But I can’t trace it. So, for those who wish to know. D. Spreadsbury (thank you!) is working on this issue, as well as other items perhaps related. (see my other posts from yesterday/today)
FYI-it only has happened to me in percussion mapping, not expression.

FOR THE RECORD. Can I keep screaming? FOR THE RECORD, I LOVE THIS PIECE OF ENGINEERING. Dorico is exactly what I would think of if I could think of such things. And I still don’t use so much of what it does. so thanks all involved.

and kind engineer, if it was intended crashes to occur, as was suggested, then please know, my marriage is better when I’m in constant flow with a stable app. :joy:

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I didn’t sense any sarcasm in @Emmanuel_Cambier 's post.

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There is absoluljy no sarcasm here, I just happen to be very annoyed by the very same problems you just described, and I am terribly sorry if my message wasn’t clear enough, I would never indulge into such uncalled for agression !!


Ps: And we all love Dorico for a reason… It’s an incredibly powerful and promising piece of Music Creation Software !!

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For those who wish to know the fix for an issue where the instruments in a kit do not show up correctly, as shown here in this image:

make sure your percussion map data INDICATES A NATURAL technique.
From Daniel the manual (sorry) himself:

The problem with the percussion editor in the Key Editor is caused by the fact that several of the instruments in your kit don’t define a ‘Natural’ playing technique, and Dorico is relying on the presence of the ‘Natural’ technique to show the “header row” for the instrument. So even if you don’t actually plan to use the ‘Natural’ technique, for now I’d suggest making sure that each instrument in your kit has it, so that its name will appear correctly in the editor.

For the next update, we can make it so that Dorico will still show the correct header row in the percussion editor using whatever the first technique is, if ‘Natural’ isn’t defined, but for now I’d recommend adding the ‘Natural’ technique to each instrument in the kit.


in doing what Mr. Spreadsbury recommended, e la voila:

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Ah, good. I like it when I’m wrong about such things.

But this does not explain why the screenshots’ content would differ between screenshotting the whole screen end screenshotting only a part of the screen - which I supposed was the topic of the thread?

I know. But did you hear muons flipped a computer during an election that triggered a 4k+ addition votes (true story-can’t remember the country-baltic perhaps)

so, things happen.

good news is after learning one had to make sure a natural technique is attached in each percussion kit so that things are labeled right one still has to make sure the technique is present in one of the redundant notes in SD3, for those who care. Here’s what I mean in the kit (this is for the ride but the same applies to all:

and in the map

(of course you’ll have a technique that does nothing. in my case it plays a hand clap for some reason, and if I remove that mapping, it plays a closed edge hi-hat…)

folks this is specific to sd3 using big band.