What is up with the "Made with Cubase" section?

What I mean is, the overall quality has noticeably improved since the new forum was launched. In the old forum, IMHO, there was always a fair amount of dross or average productions surrounding a few gems. But now nearly every track I’ve checked out is winning. It’s subjective of course but in my mind there’s no question the overall quality has improved dramatically. If I were asked to pick a “best of the month” I couldn’t do it – there have been too many excellent tracks posted.

Is there a correlation between this and the fact that only registered users can participate in the new forum?

I don’t want to venture what exactly that correlation may be (although I DO have some ideas). Still, fascinating.


I’d likely listen more if there was some more elegant way to showcase music and media etc rather than simply HTTP links.

You are a nice person! Quite a few good ones recently. My favorite was the link from Chimpspanner; where was he in the old forum? Amazing playing and recording. But I want to mention the last ones in the old forum from Jet (You Can Still See The Stars – one of my favorite of all time), Lenny Lee, and there was a good start of one from Onkel G that was fabulous.