What is with these zero crossing lines?

I just updated from cubase 7 to 8.5 pro. So far everything is great, but I can’t do intricate editing because when I select an audio event a bunch of vertical zero crossing lines pop up and I can’t see the vertical lines that indicate the time map. And the zero crossing lines aren’t even accurate. Maybe I am not using the exact right terminology here, but I hope you can understand what I mean.

How do I turn off these vertical zero crossing lines???

Pax Caritas et lol,

Please post a picture of what you are seeing.

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I guess you mean hitpoints that were created automatically?
You can turn that off in Prefereces>Editing>Enable Automatic Hitpoint Detection
but you also have to remove the hitpoints that were allready created.
Alternatively you can just hide them under Preferences>Event Display - Audio>Show Hitpoints on Selected Events
Untick both and hitpoints are no longer automatically created.