What is wrong by me?

Installed latest version of Wlab7, but my layout is’t restore, if I reopen the program …
This is since the first version of WLab7.

Here two pix, what I mean:

target layout

what I get after reopen

Have a two monitor setup (24"). Save my layout as “default” (global menue) and save it as “default workspace” additional.

What is your screen resolution in pixels?

Matrox Millenium P960 PCI x16, stretched Desktop with 3840 x 1080 pix resolution


This huge resolution was never tested. And i currently dont have the hardware to test it. Is is important that you stretch the whole screen over two monitors? Usually, people use 2 monitors as independent screens. And this works ok.

Work since years with a two monitor setup with stretched desktop.
In Nuendo, left side ist the arrangement and on the right side the mixers, channel edit, VSTi’s … in Wlab, left side is waveview or the montage and on the right side the meters, filemanager … My windows are in min status, so ther are no problems with open Nuendo or WLab.

I like my setup, because I’m near 50 years old and the big screens a good for my eyes :wink: