What is wrong with Retrologue oscillators in multi mode

I noticed a specific amplitude burst when starting the oscillator in Multi mode and random phase. The more voices, the louder the starting volume of the oscillator.
It seems that the oscillator works with a short decay and low sustain.
I did not notice such an effect in other synthesizers that have a unison mode and start a random phase.
I understand that this is how the “Multi” mode algorithm works.
Is it possible to add the classic unison mode in the next updates?

The funny thing is that when you load the init patch, select the multi mode and, say, 6 voices, and set the envelope release to like 75%, then switch the trigger mode (at the top) from normal to resume, and then hit the same note repeatedly, from the fifth time you hit the note onward, the initial burst is gone for that key.

Not sure what is going on, but with some sounds that burst in multi mode actually sounds good, very percussive :slight_smile:

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