What is wrong with Steinberg Support????

Does Steinberg always just take their time in getting back to you??? I wanted to upgrade from 2 (I know but I’m a guitarist and frankly all the bells and whistles don’t do much for me and I have friends who use protools only…) Anyway, with 10.5 I needed to build a new machine and so getting the download assistant was an issue and I reached out to Steinberg support and they helped me. Fine. Then for the life of me, going to the 10.5 Steinberg site and using the prompts like umpteen times I cannot get the code sent (I check spam as well…) SO I figure use the email chain I had going with Stenberg to get assistance and now, crickets. I have followed up multiple times for something relatively simply and cannot get a response. Since 10.5 is vastly different from what I left off with I just want to try it out before I take the plunge. Am I asking too much???

Sometimes they are slow but usually if you call you get through very quickly. So it’s an immediate response.

do you have an elicenser? just download the demo if you do.

Yep, support is not great…slow and not always helpful but very smug.

I have a ticket which I created 1 May and it’s now 20 June, and they still haven’t even responded even though I’ve bumped it three times.

That’s really bad support…

Picke up the phone and give them a call… the greasy wheel gets action…

Can you also post the customer support phone number for US support… that would be great! Can’t seem to find a way to speak to an actual person… website is very cryptic when it comes to phone support!!!

Yea. Crossgrade approval is slower than any company I’ve tried this with. PreSonus and others approved me within a day. Steinberg is the only one I’m waiting on, and with how the time zones work out it’s not going to happen today either. Already bought an eLicenser. Was not expecting such huge delays. May return it and buy Studio One before the promotion ends. I’ll save a hundred going that route, and I think it will work just fine. I really wanted to just get it over with so I didn’t have to keep mulling choices, esp. given the relatively large price difference (and dongle inconvenience).

So, I got an email saying my Crossgrade application has been approved, but when I check the status, it still says it’s in queue to be reviewed. I am very confused with this process, Lol.

Can anyone give guidance on this?

I’ve got 2 support requests from January (about the same issue) still unanswered :laughing:

Wow :astonished: Steinberg definitely needs to get a grip

I agree. It is very frustrating to wait for emails, especially if the issue is hot!
I have also had a few problems, but have never received feedbacks from Steinberg Support.
After waiting for a few days, I called and got my issue fixed.
So I guess, the good old-fashioned way is working better sometimes…