What is your favourite configuration for the function keys?

Well the topic says it all I guess…

I just bought my controller and I am hesitant of what to put there. So what brilliant solutions do you guys have?

I have Loop selection on 1 (the same that’s on ‘P’ usually), Delete on 2, Zoom vertical in on 3 and Zoom vertical out on 4.

Dim, Listen, Listen Defeat, Talkbalk

I could probably do with reconfiguring mine as I never use then right now.
Locator 1, Select All, Zoom selection, Logical Editor - weird I know lol

Hi all

Just got a cc121 (after burning out 3 CMC’s…don’t ask) and have the function keys set to workspaces 1 2 3 and 4

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Is it possible to have the four buttons arranged as so:
Left locator - zoom in - zoom out - right locator? I don’t have the unit yet so I’m thinking about assignments already…cart before the horse! :laughing:

I don’t see why not, that should work.

They are the shame of CC121. When I first saw it my obvious thought that I would use them for volume, cue-volume, metronome volume, and cue metronome volume. I was really chocked when I realised that you could not select the value knob with function buttons. Instead of having eight functions on the value knob they have chosen to only gave one.

If it was me I had also make the function buttons to be able to be a shift knob, and then not only for the function. Shift in the same way as CMC with precision on EQ and opened secondary function on all other knobs and buttons. I would also have implemented function long press that copied the current AI-function to the value button as an easy way to program it functions. I think it would have been some hell of useful product…