What is your roundtrip latency with the UR44?


I recently got my new DAW PC build with off-the-chart specs by a DAW builder and am somewhat disappointed in the roundtrip latency the UR44 gives me.

In Sonar X3/Live 9/Cubae AI7 I get around 11.6 ms on 96/44.1.

Obivoulsy it’s a dedicated and optimised DAW OS with minimal background services, I checked and tried all alternative settings I could think of (Turbo Boost on/off, disconnecting printer etc/USB 2.0-3.0 port etc. etc.) but I can’t seem to get it any lower.

Since I’m fairly positive the hardware isn’t the issue (it cost me close to 3000 euros) plus the fact it’s build by a professional DAW builder the one thing I’m looking at are the drivers of the UR44.

So -for comparissons sake- could people post their roundtrip latency specs for their UR44-DAW setup?