What !? it a behringer !




I’d like to try that…

Still made sounds with all plugs pulled at the end … so what are they actually using?
No matter what finally something you can use a Behringer for? :mrgreen:

It is all wireless! :laughing:

I have never had ANY issues with Behringer equipment. When a team of us were evaluating mixing desks for Nokia in the 90s (money no object) the Behringer mixer came out tops. Behringer always does what it says on the tin for much cheaper than “industry standard”. Behringer is the UKIP of audio equipment, the victim of establishment misinformation :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

bwah… america focussed promo. Bullets, knives, killings, and that sort of stuff.
Was amazed there was no bomb used.
Native people of that region like that kind of stuff. :mrgreen:
All in all, Behringer is quite good for what it delivers, so the promo is adapting to the mindsettings to those people that probably never will evolve. :laughing:

Right - because no other country has bullets, knives, bombs, killings, and that sort of stuff. :unamused:

And note that it was the female of the species that was the aggressor in that scenario. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Does someone know where that aired? Was it youtube only? It does not look or sound like a USA production, imo…

You have always been a helpful contributor to this forum but I take offense to your post.
It is basically racist. Just because you are targeting white male Americans does not make it any different. You are generalizing about a people.

And by the way, when you say “Native people to that region”, do you really know who you are talking about? Are you referring to the European immigrants that make up the majority or the Native American Indians that were here long before…

Hey jaslan,

Sorry if i offended you. My apologies.
This was only ment te be a joke.

1/ i have absolutely no problem with america. I have several american friends too.
2/ some while ago i had a concert there and i can admit they are very kind people and very correct too.

But still: they have something with guns. Here in Europe very few people have guns. And what to think of a promotional video for a brand where the mixer is being used as a defence shield against a furious woman who is throwing knives to the guy, and actually is being shot by the bullet she fires that bounces back. It is hilarious in one way, but i hope can admit that it is a bizar way of promoting the quality of the product. It’s a bit typical in my opinion for the region it is meant for. But hey, it’s first: a joke, and second, fwiw.

I know if you are on the forum you have to be polite. But I never said it to offend or insult anybody.
That i would have reaction on the post, that was on the other hand something i was expecting. :wink:

kind regards,

p.s. and tx for the compliment.

I’ll lock this thread.

No one has said, or knows, what market the video was produced for, so this “debate” has no factual basis.

@roel, the comment “Native people of that region like that kind of stuff.” is trolling due to it being insulting to those people. (also note that Native means something else in English than you think, possibly. It refers to the peoples who were here prior to 15th century European immigration.)

@Jaslan, Calling someone out for saying something racist is a provocation, so it falls under trolling, as far as the rules here go. If that’s what you think, flag the post instead.