What keyboard controller do you like for Dorico for iPad?

I’ve created a nice “studio b” with an iPad, a USB-C hub, audio interface, Dorico and Cubasis, a wired Mac keyboard for keystrokes, and I’m looking to buy a 49 or 61 key controller that’s especially good for transport control, Dorico note entry and MIDI commands… I’m looking at the usual list of controllers.

Any suggestions? Anyone already have a controller that works especially well for Dorico on the iPad? Thanks.

Steve Steele

Komplete has a keyboard line that’s cheap in however many keys you want. I’ve got the 29 key version which has transport controls in MIDI mode (which you get outside of their special app), using their utility you can remap the controls, or most of them

Dorico desktop is flexible about MIDI mapping mostly and I mapped the basic play, record stop. Looks like iPad has the same flexible key mapping interface so it should work fine there too.