What kind of nice program does he use on his ipad?

what kind of nice program does Stefan use on his ipad? …
I know that there is no Dorico app for ios (yet), but what I see here is driving me crazy, I tried this with different software and hardware …
Stefan can control dynamics, articulation and much more through his iPad.
I want it too hahaha …
can someone from the Dorico masters tell me which software it is? or what it is at all?

That looks like Metagrid. See INTEGRATION - DORICO | METASYSTEM for details.

oh man!!! yeahhhh
THX Leo!

I think there’s also a Stream deck program available on iOS (so no need to buy a Streamdeck, although it’s the physical buttons that really make a difference IMHO)

Hi I use metagrid and I created my own system and shortcuts for all dynamics.
Stream deck seemed too expensive as an investment and then I discovered this software. You can customize and create all kind of shortcuts for basically anything you want.

yeah, metagrid is the bom :joy:
thx guys!!!

So how do you get Metagrid to actually work with Dorico? I have the app, I downloaded the server and it connects with other programs (like Safari) but not with Dorico. Is there something else needed? When Dorico is the active application, Metagrid shows ‘dorico’ in the upper part of the iPad screen but the main window is blank. The buttons in the lower part of the window do nothing.

what you describe sounds good, now you just have to assign the buttons to it.
It is true that safari and other programs work immediately after you install them, but dorico does not have a preset yet. I have followed the instructions explained here to assign the buttons Metagrid - Quick Guide - YouTube
good luck!

I think they have created a ‘set’ for Dorico, though it still needs work. OTherwise, you have to add your own buttons. It does recognise Dorico’s commands by default, though.

I too am waiting for some kind soul to release a metagrid set that’s useful.

Despite the continued existence of a web page and many enthusiastic YouTube videos, Metasystem.io is now DEFUNCT; Metagrid is removed from App Store. After seeing this post, I bought Metagrid last week and wasted dozens of hours trying to successfully install it (v1.7.4) and to communicate with the developer. Angry, in as much as I ended up not only wasting time on this !@#$ broken app, but also purchased an expensive PCIe wireless adapter in the vain hope that communications difficulties were due to cheap USB-WiFi dongle. I should have figured out that the manual, a collection of mistakes, would be a harbinger of metasystem.io’s demise.

Where did you hear it was defunct? Could the absence from the App Store be temporary?

That’s a shame, as the product had a lot of potential. I think “Metagrid” was just one guy, and there often comes a point with startups where there’s too much work for one person, (development, support, documentation, marketing) but not enough money to employ two.

hm… seems apocryphal – the developer posts on the forum:

I emailed a detailed report concerning installation and connectivity problems to support@metasystem.io, with no answer, waited a few days and posted a copy of the email to Przemek, the admin and presumed developer. Receiving no ack for a few days, I found my post removed this morning, tried in vain to repost, and then discovered the app has been deleted from the app store. It may be be back someday. Who knows. But Przemek had published and collected revenue from an app he must have realized no longer functioned, failed to communicate, and has silently disappeared. I wanted this to work, but will not be especially trusting in the future.

Yeah, apparently overwhelmed, Przemek and Metagrid seem to have slipped away. No longer in the App Store.

I see posts from him as recently as Feb 22. Probably something else is up. Apocryphal means untrue, btw.

You should be able to get a refund from Apple. I have for apps that just didn’t work, or were rubbish.

I have to say I got this after reading this post (only available on iPad btw and have to search for “metagrid” on App Store if you haven’t).

Tbh it’s not as useful as I’d hoped - probably is if you can be bothered programming special character keys e.g but for regular Dorico functions it kinda just persuades you to forget the popover combinations.

Better to save the 30 bucks I think

guys i also see now that metagrid has been removed from the appstore.
I don’t know why it doesn’t work for some people. For me it works perfectly with my macbook pro 2019, imac 27 “2017 and ipad pro 12.5” 2020, but I have to say that I don’t get it working on my ipad 4, it crash as soon as I press a random button.
It is a pity that it no longer exists, it was quite pricey with its € 33.99

Przemek has replied to my support request this morning and Metagrid is again for sale at the App Store. I hope he can get me up and running.

It really weird that people said the app was defunct, or no longer exists, in spite of his quite recent activity in his forum.

What a difficult world it is for a small programmer.