what! look at this

These are mine, put on kvr a long time ago, and on my website ages ago.


these are Waves

what should I think? Same name, OneKnob Series. They didn’t even bother to change the knob design!

Really, no one has anything to say?
All those famous names on their website and they needed to take this idea from me?
They even kept the idea of the parallel compression for the OneKbob pressure.
This is ridiculous.

Taking inspiration from someone elses idea is only morally wrong. Maybe approach Waves but i imagine they have already got the patent/copyright on their software. Of course if you can prove it and take it through the legal wrangles then good luck. Personally i would be flatterred and it’s given you a chance to raise the profile of your own free plugins, I would make the most of it :slight_smile:

Like Zsa Zsa Gabor probably once said…’‘seen one knob, seen them all’’ :mrgreen:

Yes, you are right. But I am not saying they can not do it, I am just saying they did do it. That’s the sad thing. It is only morally wrong, but shouldn’t that count for something? I don’t want to take to court anybody!
Of course on one side I am flattered and of course I will make the most out of it. But the fact that they didn’t even bother to ask me is just pathetic. All that marketing about great sound engineers working for them.
By the way, what they did is more than just taking inspiration: same name, same plugs, even same idea of parallel compression achieved with only one knob. Same knob design. That’s not even my design, it is free for download somewhere.

Zsa Zsa Gabor? yes she probably said that. :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty brazen theft of your idea, Waves really should be ashamed! :open_mouth:

I guess it’s shaky ground if the plugs were designed in Synth Edit and the OneKnob Series name wasn’t copyrighted. But as your plugs have clearly been available for quite some time they’re on shaky ground too.

Wish I knew more about copyright law…

I believe that there is nothing I can do because I didn’t register the name. But because my idea was there first they can’t force me to change the name. It should work pretty much like that.
But that’s not what I am interested in. I am just saying that stealing ideas shouldn’t be Waves behaviour. Do they really need to do that?

If it’s any consolation I work in design/advertising and have had several submitted draught ideas lifted wholesale by some major companies in the past (without payment or acknowledgement).

Maybe you should add a donate button (not associated directly with the plugs) as there’s bound to be an upsurge in interest in your site soon…

If they knew what they were doing, they should have offered to buy the idea from you, or give you a small percentage of the profits. Not much encouragement for the ideas men if every time they have good ones they get taken away without so much as a thank you.
At the very least they should have acknowledged you in some way, but no they had to steal it totally.
Pot calling the kettle black when you consider their stance on copyright infringement. So they should know better.
But then again they make more profit for themselves and claim the credit on top if they just take it.
Disgusting behaviour and very bad kama.

Exactly. This is what you would expect from someone like Waves.
I wrote to them last week about this and they have done what I was expecting: they ignored me completely.
After all it is not their problem until I make it so.

I would suggest when it comes down to business make a decision.

Have you covered yourself legally and commercially.
What do you expect to gain?
Should you be credited with the idea?
Are you missing the point of this thread and, as already mentioned, make the most of the opportunity and promote you product.

Everyone can have a good idea and many people have the same good idea. The nature of business is realising a good idea, investing in the idea and produce a finished product that is or you can make commercially viable.

I have had many ideas and people have done them, that’s life. C’est la vi :slight_smile:

Until they decide to patent the idea as theirs and do Biss for copyright infringement.
Dont know whether it’s possible, I would hope not, but given how some company lawyers work nothing would surprise me anymore.

You are missing the point of this thread.
We are not talking about business. We are talking about Waves credibility. I reported here this information because I think the people in this community have the right to know. It is up to them if they care or they don’t.

And if you whant to talk about business, well, you said it:

they didn’t have any idea.

They didn’t realized any idea.
Stealing ideas from other people it is not the nature of business.

Have you ever heard of a company called Behringer?

I am not talking about Behringer here.
I am talking about Waves. A place where many of you go shopping very often.
So, the point of this discussion is very simple:
you have the proof that Waves stole one of their product from one of you.
It is up to you to do with this information whatever you want.

Again, the point is not business, the point is not asking Waves for money.
In a certain way I am a colleague of yours, so are the guys on the Waves website like Kramer or Maserati.
The point is: someone like Waves - who is prepared and have the budget to engage relationships with those big names - should be ashamed for stealing an idea from someone like me.
And by the way, I am already on the artist page of a famous plugin developer, and probably some of you have bought plugins containing presets I created. I didn’t ask any money. They just recognized the importance of my help, my ideas and suggestions. I am grateful to them and I will always help them the best I can whenever they ask.
I didn’t expect anything more then this from Waves.

I’m with you on this, Biss, and I’m not surprised you’re feeling hard done by Waves, I certainly would be!

Do you think there is any chance of Waves not knowing about your plugins when they named and designed their plugs?
If they knew, it is blatant theft and there’s no defending that :frowning: .

Take care,