What Makes Nuendo @$1700 vs. Cubase @$500?

Hey Buds,

As a relatively new Cubase user, [1 year], I’m sure I’m not the first nor the last to eventually wonder about Nuendo?

What is it that makes it cost more than triple, and what would justify buying it as opposed to or in conjunction with Cubase?

I occasionally see some who seemed to have moved from it instead of to it, as well.

My curiosity now has the better of me.

So have any of you considered moving up to Nuendo?

If not, why not? [- other than the obvious price difference].

But if price wasn’t an object, would you go for it then?

Seems that Cubase is Steinberg’s flagship DAW - not Nuendo.

Is this simply because so many more can afford Cubase, so that one is the main focus?

The Force!

Seems to me that Steinberg market ‘Nuendo’ as a professional tool to rival ProTools whereas Cubase is marketed as a hobbyist and home recording toy moreso. Its marketing perception unless you need video capabilities of Nuendo… I wouldnt consider moving to Nuendo for music production though

Good one! :laughing:

The fact that you have to pay even more to get all the Cubase features enabled…

I leave this to the representatives from Steinberg to answer :wink:

OK then. Her’s a list of things in Nuendo, that is NOT in Cubase:

Feature comparison - C7 vs N6

  • ADR-Taker Tool
  • 64Bit support for Blackmagic and Decklink video cards
  • new codecs
  • AAF-exchange
  • nice Pro Tools compatibility
  • bounce-to-markerpoints
  • clip-packages/groups
  • enhanced automation system
  • automation flexible passes technology
  • direct stem routing/mixer
  • Wave Meters
  • Monitor Matrix
  • additional post-production plugins, e.g. Nuendo post filter
  • PitchDriver, realtime pitch plugin
  • MXF audio support
  • enhanced EuCon support
  • EDL List im/export
  • enhanced scrubbing engine
  • complete network integration via LAN, WAN
  • export Note pad data
  • enhanced surround panner V5
  • surround matrix decoder/encoder
  • additional postpro IRs for REVerence
  • enhanced crossfade editor…
  • Multiple marker-tracks
  • Two video tracks
  • Batch Export/Multiple stems export by cycle markers with advanced naming
  • Proper Edit mode
  • Anymix Pro Surround Panner with upmix/downmix
  • Video pull up/down
  • Video overlay for text
  • Auro 3D format support / up to 13.2 surround support
  • Support for IOSONO SAW / Wavefield synthesis products
  • ProSoundEffects 1.5 GB FX post-production library included
  • extended synchronization/machine control options / Syncstation connection
  • EBU-compliant measurement with Loudness Track
  • more exclusives coming with Nuendo 6.5:
  • BASS management
  • AAF 2.0
  • … more to be added…

For the Pro Post Studio, many things are doing the price difference unimportant. If they need it, the buy it (and the clients pay for it :wink:).

As one who has used both Cubase and Nuendo since SX1 and N1.6, I can for the first time see very clearly the bounderies between their Music app and Post app.
Finally has Steinberg’s nagging about the “two different apps” come through to many users, with the difference between Cubase 7.5 and the upcoming Nuendo 6.5.

As a music only producer, the choice of going Cubase only is for the first time easy.
Because I don’t like certain parts of Cubase 7/7.5 and Nuendo 6, Nuendo 5.5 will be my last version.
If Cubase 8 will “fix and/or change” the things nagging me, I will go Cubase only.

But yes there are many things in Nuendo that justifies the price difference, if…if you run a pro Post Studio. For pro Music studio’s only (and/or hobby), Cubase is the way.
Finally I agree with Steinbergs statement on differentiating the two apps. Not so clearly in earlier versions.

Yeah, but apart from those things … what’s the difference? :wink:

Thanks iBM.

Quite a lot of detail there - just what I was looking for, [although my head hurts now :unamused: ].

I think you just saved me $1700 as well.

I owe you a beer - [or maybe even 1700 of them]. :smiley:

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Perhaps for your $1,700 you get a program where Steinberg performs all needed bug fixes ‘before’ you making PAY next version? …maybe not :wink:

Cubasis $50
iMovie free

Go for your Oscar :laughing:

Would it be fair to say that the plug-ins that come with Nuendo are a level above the ones that come with Cubase?

"What have the romans ever done for us "

Ooh Peace - SHUT UP! :laughing:

Hi, I am a newbie here and a prospective buyer of Cubase and/or Nuendo. Thank you very much for this comprehensive explanation, this issue was discussed on various sites but your clarification was most straightforward and helpful.

I would have one more question if anybody would be so kind to answer:

I understand that there are many things in Nuendo, that are NOT in Cubase. But, are there things that are in Cubase but NOT in Nuendo?

In other words, if I purchase Nuendo do I need the Cubase (or Wavelab for that matter)?

At this point of my work I will mostly be working on music production, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that in the near future I will be moving towards video as well.

If you purchase Nuendo, you will have to buy NEK (aka Cubase Music Tools For Nuendo) to have all the Cubase “Music Tools”.
Look at the NEK info on the Nuendo pages.

Does NEK still exist?

For the money, maybe SB could (or should) consider allowing two product cycles for the higher priced version and up it a bit in price, in order to deliver better value for money and give end users more longevity without the hassle of having to upgrade your dongle every year or two.

That’s only my point of view, or opinion however.

Guys thank you very much. I checked, the NEK still exists and it provides somewhat better bang for the buck. At least you don’t have to pay for to different products. On the other hand, it is not the Cubase and it probably affects the workflow and functionality to a certain degree, but then again, maybe its not so bad.

I wanted to ask the same question about the Wavelab if someone would be able to help: What is the relation between Wavelab and the Nuendo? Are these two completely different products? Can Nuendo take care of pre-mastering and mastering process? If I purchase Nuendo do I need Wavelab?

I hope my questions doesn’t sound completely moronic to some of the more experienced members. If they do, very sorry.