What matters to home speakers?

Hey guys!
I just need some information. I am thinking to upgrade my home speakers and get something more suitable for productions.
I did a research and found many affordable solutions, I just need to ask a general question:
what specifics matter the most when it comes to get the best hearing out of your productions? At first I thought only the watt power but I guess other characteristics define the quality of the sound also.
Any ideas?
Thanks for the help!

Accuracy and room acoustics.

What Split said.
Accuracy is measured as the frequency response. (not just the range that most manufacturers provide) and the timing.
Cheaper bass reflex speakers tend to suffer from low frequency phase delay.

Watt power doesn’t tell you anything about how the speaker will sound unfortunately. In fact, no statistic can properly convey what a speaker will sound like, you’ll always want to listen to them in your own environment to make a proper judgement.

OK thanks a lot that’s exactly what I ve understood
Bad thing is you can’t always do a trial hearing right?
I found some video -sound reviews but of course the sound eventually comes out of my speaker…
Thanks for the info!

Having a flat frequency response is key on the list. No matter which speakers you get, the most important thing is to spend time with them listening to music. Get to know them. Understand how commercially produced stuff sounds on them. This “ear knowledge” will go a long way when you’re working on your own stuff.

I would cry if I had to part with my speakers because I’ve been using them for a very long time and know how stuff sounds on them.