What media player for playback does steinberg recommend

My saved wav and mp3 mixdowns sound different ( On Playback ) depending on what media player i choose.
So what media player does Steinberg recommend to use to play back mixdowns and masters.

Is that even possible? If it sounds different, then the app is doing something to the sound.

I would just use VLC https://www.videolan.org/

Yes I tried VLC and it sounds a lot better than windows player.
Most people will be playing back music on mobiles and tablets that are probably not using VLC,I played back a couple of songs on groove media player which is on my pc.
I dont know if groove was standard on windows 10 but the sound reproduction compared to original mix was awful,I went to groove to have a look at eq ,the default settings were set to flat,to be fair the rest of the eq settings were no where near as good as VLC.
Is it a case of balance the play back mix as best you can on VLC and accept that it is going to sound not so go good on other devices using different media playback software.

Just thinking about it steve you could maybe try playing one your mixes on two different media players on your pc or mac and see
If you notice a difference ?

You can take my word, or not. The music player application you use to play the file makes no difference. Period. Point finale. End of story. That’s a wrap.

And – if it does sound different, check the settings, because they’re affecting the output.

I hope you don’t take this in a negative way, but you have to climb the learning curve about the science of audio engineering and acoustics.

No negativity taken lol, as I dont have very much knowledge could you maybe point me in the right direction as to what settings I should be looking at ,I’m struggling to figure out how the same wav file sounds different on two media players with their default settings.

Thanks Steve that’s what I thought check the settings on the media player