What monitors

This question has been asked numerous time. I am sure about that. But there it goes…

I am on a very tight budget and I want to buy (at least) an semi-decent monitor set. The maximum amount I can spend is an hard-fixed € 275 and that’s it. I wont be able to spend any more (or to save up for any more in the forseeable future).

I have taken my room size in account, and determined that I need an 5" to max 6" woofer, but nothing more. An 8" is absolutely overkill. I know there is a lively discussion about the size of the woofers, but this is my choice.

The most music I will make is electronic synth (style Tangerine dream etc.) and vocal, so no big boomy sounds are needed at all. I need an clear bright monitor that reveals all details of the mix. I know it is an lot to ask in this price range, but it has to do…

Well I tuned my choice down to the next three models:

KRK Rokit RP5 G3
Samson Resolv SE6
Behringer Thruth B1030A

Unfortianately I am not able to hear them all in a shop in my neighbourhood, so I have to make the final choice on some opinions and reviews. They have all their pro’s and cons, but I am interested to hear what you guy’s think about them. I know it all boils down to personal peference, but it would help to get some of those opinions. Of course you can advise other models, as long as they are in the max price range that I have given above. Please do not advise expensive Adam or Genlec or whatever. I know they are better, but I just cannot afford them - period!

So - what do you think?

Not familiar with Samson, but I was able to compare a number of different monitors when I was selecting, including some out of my budget. My list however included KRKs and Behringer Truths albeit the larger 8" models. I can say the Truths were far superior to the KRKs.

PreSonus Eris 5 - More controls than the most in that size/price range. Made for studio/mixing, not to be hyped.

Thanks for the reactions…

@BriHar - I already read that the KRK’s are a lot more “boomy” or “boxy” (in a bit negative sense) and a bit too colored, but that’s for the older (G2) line. The newer G3 line seems to have some improvements, but the “boomy” aspect is still present. The Behringers are prortretaid as “a bit harsh”, but have a more flat (read less colored) frequency response. After reading several forums and user experiences I kind of lean towards the Behringer.

@iBM - I will certainly take an look at the Eris 5. First reviews seems very promising indeed. At the other hand - I have also read remarks that the Eris 5’s are very similiar to the KRK Rokit series. Of course that can be very subjective.

Anyway - thanks for both reactions. I still have some days before I will make my final deceision. Of course none of the monitors in this price class will be perfect, but this will help to get the best for that small amount of money that’s available…

In that size and pricerange, you can’t have it all anyway.

So I went with the more adjustments and acoustic controls on the PreSonus Eris 5.
I ordered those for a small editing room I have, but I have not received them yet.

Monitors is a difficult, and personal, thing. When I changed monitors in my main studio a few years back I did research for two and a half year before deciding (DynAudio BM15A).

Sorry you can’t get to listen before buying, but here are a review from SOS. I have been a reader for many years and have found Paul White’s reviews to be trustworthy:


Hope this helps. Good luck :slight_smile:

If you’re still looking, you might also have a look at Adams - quite decent.

@iBM - Thanks. I already found a few reviews more…

@BriHar - Well, the cheapest Adam I could find (within my country so far) is the Adam F5 that will cost €370 a pair. That’s €100 above my maximum budget, so -sadly- no go…

I know perfectly well that, whatever monitor I will choose, it will take time to “learn” them and translate that to good results.

Thank you both. This has been very helpful.

I’ve been using the Alesis M1’s in my sig for a couple of years now. I can work very well with them (my opinion, you may all think my music sounds like shit :smiley:).