What Motherboard/CPU Should I Get?

I’m buying parts for a new build. I’m planning to go all out for this one, and my goal is to get 1440p/144hz. I have a gtx 2080 already. I just need help picking a CPU/Motherboard.

I stopped following the CPU and Motherboard releases and markets after october. I was previously going to get a 8700K, but they’re had a huge jump in price and it seems that both cost about the same ($40 difference) at the MicroCenter I’m near. I found 2 bundles with the price under my budget (550 for the MoBo and CPU). Which one is better? Are there any others I should look at (bundles or not)?

Hard to tell which bundle is better if you’re not telling us which bundles you’re looking at.

I just built a system :
Here is my recommendation:

I7 9700k (5GHZ) all cores.
ASUS ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming Motherboard
4 X Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz = Total 32GB

That seems like it’s about $70 over budget.

Yes 70 more, but you will get a very capable system.

13% more.

I generally dislike threads like this one because it’s either that the OP doesn’t say anything about budget and simply asks “what’s the best…” and then when people reply it’s “that’s too much” without giving a budget - or the OP gives a budget and immediately people will recommend something more expensive. Why settle for 620 when for 700 you can get a better system? That’s only 13% more.

If the budget is 620 it isn’t 550. Why do people give budgets when they ultimately don’t matter? It makes recommending something a borderline waste of time.

This is me talking about threads like this one in general - I’m not harping on you specifically even if it may look that way…

Here’s my recommendation as I’m using it right now, with no issue.

Processor: i7-8700k
Mobo: Asus z370-e
Ram: 16 (8x2) Triden-Z, 3200 Mhz.

P.S: Using Gtx 2080 you should go to I7-8700k or above it like i7-9700k so there will be no bottle neck on the system. If you have that high end GPU you better get also a high end CPU that can pair / match the load so there’s no bottle neck.

yeah… i have also used it and till now going good . thank you for your suggestion.