What Multi-port MIDI interfaces are good these days?

I have used the MOTU Midi Express interfaces in the past. What’s the latest and greatest for 8+ MIDI ports?


I recently retired my MOTU Express 128 and upgraded to an iConnectivity mio10. I am very pleased with it.

Cool. Thanks.

The Alyseum U3-88c is a very compact, easy to configure 8 in/out midi box at a very attractive price, it’s USB 2&3 compatible - one configured it works offline too. Unless you’re trying to do something complicated I can’t see the point of spending twice the cash for the same functionality, the major gripe/bonus with this box is the ins are on the front and the outs on the rear - which is a boon to some people and a PITA to others!

I assume the Alyseum U3-88c shows individual ins and out in a DAW?

It presents itself to the operating system as a single device with 8 ports.

Meaning that each port can be assigned individually in the DAW? I would assume so. Thanks.

You can get those MOTU units dirt cheap on ebay and they work great under Windows 10. Just make sure you get the USB one and not the obsolete parallel cable one.

I’ve heard lots of good things about the https://www.alyseum.com/u3-88c.html interface. It offers usb3 compatibility driverless, which I think is a really good thing.

And then from one guy I know of that bought one, the midi stability and tightness should be fantastic.