What Music Style Are You?

There’s plenty of tech discussion here but I think it would be cool as well if we posted the style of music we are creating on our gear.

As for me, right now I’m finishing up a project (CD) highlighting the many styles of music than can be achieved on the iPad. Most of the music has a rock/techno angle but there is also some dance, film score, surf guitar and more.

Please post your music stylings that you’re producing on your iPads and ios apps. :slight_smile:

Rock music tending towards melodic prog, but in really that can cover quite a variety of styles - just sometimes they end up in the same song!

I guess no-one else is actually using it for music…

Haha. I was thinking the same thing.

Geezer rock and boring beats for me. Waiting for AudioBus before I invest a lot of effort.

i make acid-house-prog-rock - https://soundcloud.com/jinxpadlock

Entirely on iOS on the London Underground

Hey, that’s nice stuff there. cool!

Thanks. I hope that Cubasis becomes useful enough to use full time!